From Dinner to Drug Discovery Careers at ELRIG DD 2023

From Dinner to Drug Discovery Careers at ELRIG DD 2023

During their visit to the ELRIG 2023 conference in Liverpool, the co-owners of Langton Howarth, The Scientific International Recruitment Agency, Emma Howarth and Tom Dempsey unexpectedly discovered talent.

The night before the ELRIG Drug Discovery Conference in Liverpool, Emma and Tom dined at an Italian restaurant situated at the Albert Docks, where they were attended to by a courteous young professional named Matt. Through conversation,  Matt enquired what had brought the pair to Liverpool. They explained that they were there for the ELRIG conference. This prompted Matt to explain that he had a Microbiology Degree, but did not want to work in the laboratory, on the bench and still had no idea which direction to go, four years post-qualification. He certainly wanted a Lifescience related career but was not sure what was out there and available for someone like him.

Emma, a member of the ELRIG Early Professional Career board, extended an invitation to Matt encouraging him to attend the event as their guest to explore the myriad of opportunities available in the industry. Emma and Tom met Matt outside the conference hall, registered him at ELRIG which is free for members to attend, and introduced him to a number of their clients and contacts.

Once inside the ELRIG exhibition hall, Tom and Emma introduced Matt to Tecan’s Matthew Webb, who detailed his career journey and highlighted why Tecan was an excellent workplace, outlining potential career opportunities for individuals like Matt within the industry.

Reflecting on his experience, Matt shared, “I felt truly overwhelmed before attending ELRIG. I had no idea about the diverse range of jobs within the Lifesciences sector. ELRIG opened my eyes, and as a direct result, I now aspire to work in scientific sales all thanks to Emma and Tom!!”

If you would like to hire Matt as a graduate salesperson contact Emma or Tom on 0113 243 3499 to discuss your requirements.


Matt at ELRIG