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The Early Career Science Day – 15th May

Reaching a point in your career where you have the option to make a change can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know the full scope of opportunities available to you. The majority of early career researchers (PhD students and post-doctoral researchers) in academia, within Biological Sciences and Medicine and Health at The University

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Celebrating 5 years …

Ben recently celebrated his 5th work anniversary with us at Langton Howarth which could only mean one thing, a night of cocktail making followed by our own Karaoke pod for a few hours. Anyone that knows us here at Langton Howarth will know we certainly like to celebrate when it comes to birthdays / anniversaries.

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Four reasons why you can’t afford to miss Discovery Technologies 2018 in Alderley Park, UK

In its inaugural year, ELRIG’s Discovery Technologies 2018 will focus on the latest mass spectrometry (MS) and organ-on-a-chip advances that are set to transform the drug discovery landscape. Taking place in Alderley Park on 22-23 May, the event will feature a panel of top-notch academic and industrial researchers, offering unique insights into how recent technological

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