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What trials and triumphs can we expect in future drug discovery research?

  Pharmaceutical drug discovery is undergoing such rapid innovation that therapeutic breakthroughs that could only once be imagined, are now commonplace in research labs around the world. With this remarkable success comes further aspiration for the discovery of many more therapeutic pathways and effective new medicines, to give fresh hope to patients. But what challenges

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Careers in drug discovery: making the switch from academia to pharma

Working as a drug discovery scientist in academia is often thought to be completely different to being a drug discovery scientist in pharma. For many, pharma can offer a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and fast-paced environment, leading them to consider saying farewell to academia and taking the plunge into pharma. We caught up with ex-academic Dr David

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ELRIG for Robotics & Automation 2018

Are you interested in finding out what the lab of the future will look like? Join ELRIG for Robotics & Automation 2018 on 28th February, at Festo in Esslingen, Stuttgart. The event will explore how emerging automation trends & strategies will open the potential to solve today’s problems and bring new opportunities in the lab

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