Have you been contacted on WhatsApp by an impersonator purporting to be Langton Howarth?

We would like to ask members of the public to beware of a current WhatsApp message circulating that is targeting alleged “job seekers”. A fraudster reporting to be called Caroline may reach out to you pretending to be from Langton Howarth asking you to call a USA number by return.

If someone contacts you on WhatsApp claiming to be from Langton Howarth, please report this message via WhatsApp and block the number.

Please note – as this may well have been the first time you have heard of our Company – Langton Howarth would not reach out to anyone using WhatsApp. We do not have a USA office and we would only conduct ourselves in a professional manner and will never make such unsolicited requests. We would like to thank those recipients who have forwarded us the evidence of this message and for your understanding of the situation. As an ethical recruitment business, we are here to change careers and healthcare for the better with integrity at the front and center to all our business ethos and practices. We work very hard to make great hires happen every day. If you would like to report something to us, please reach out to info@langtonhowarth.com, yet we kindly ask that you do not post negative Google reviews on our business relating to this matter when this WhatsApp message has absolutely nothing to do with us. Thank you once again for your understanding. With best wishes, Langton Howarth.