Happy 8th Work Birthday Oliver

– Apprentice to Global Recruitment Manager:

Celebrating his 8th birthday at Langton Howarth – 8 years ago marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that would shape his career and passions. A journey that began with uncertainty after finishing his business management course and eventually led him to become a Global Recruitment Manager, embodying the essence of dedication and determination.

Upon completing his college education, Oliver found himself at a crossroads, uncertain about the path he should pursue. While many of his peers opted for university, Oliver held a different vision. He was determined to jump into the professional world and find a career that resonated with his aspirations. This decision led him to the doors of apprenticeship, a choice that would transform his life.

The turning point came when Oliver attended a networking event that would connect him with Tom and Emma from Langton Howarth. The encounter proved to be more than a mere introduction; it was an invitation to explore a potential career in recruitment. Invited to participate in trial days at Langton Howarth, Oliver’s enthusiasm grew as he delved into the world of recruitment, discovering his passion for the field.

Oliver’s dedication paid off and he was offered a year-long apprenticeship at Langton Howarth, which he completed with flying colors, earning a well-deserved merit. The opportunity for a full-time position followed suit, and in 2016, Oliver officially joined the Langton Howarth team. From there, his trajectory only moved upward.

Over the years, Oliver’s growth within the company has been nothing short of impressive. Starting as a Consultant, he climbed the ladder to eventually become the Global Recruitment Manager. Reflecting on his journey, Oliver emphasizes the crucial role played by Emma and Tom in his development. Their mentorship and training were instrumental in shaping his career path and fueling his achievements. In his own words, Oliver acknowledges that without their guidance, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

What resonates most with Oliver about his experience at Langton Howarth is the environment of opportunity that empowers every employee. He values the chance he was given to showcase his capabilities—a sentiment that is shared by all who are part of the Langton Howarth family.

Recognition for Oliver’s dedication came in the form of the “Top Salesperson of 2021” award, a moment of triumph that was celebrated at the prestigious York Races presentation. This acknowledgment not only honored Oliver’s commitment but also symbolized the collective success of the entire Langton Howarth team.