Langton Howarth are proud to support Early Career Professionals at Leeds University 15th May 2018

Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine are holding a Career Science Day open to all PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with already 50 researchers confirmed to attend so far on 15th May, 2018.
Emma Howarth – Founder of Langton Howarth will be talking during the day and will provide a 30 minute talk of the opportunities and support Langton Howarth can provide in supporting Early Careers Professionals in making the move into careers outside of academia. There is also a lunch included in this day where 1-1 discussions about job opportunities can take place.
The seminar Langton Howarth undertook at the University last year raised a lot of interest in careers outside academia and there are many researchers that would like to hear how they can make these moves successfully in 2018. If you would like to attend please be sure to do so. Langton Howarth looks forward to a great Careers Day!