Cold calling made simple?

Today we had the brilliant Margaret Hartley from Benchmark Marketing Services come to our office for ninety minutes of training where she claims that cold calling can be made simple!

Cold calling are two words that put most people into a mild panic. Even those who have chosen sales as a profession can struggle to make the move and pick up the phone before dialling an absolute stranger.

And as we don’t want any of our lovely team to experience any kind of panic we decided to book Margaret and see how she could help get rid of any fears surrounding the dreaded CC.

As a sales person in a former job role, I decided to sit in and listen. It is always interesting to see how tactics have changed and of course see how the training that we provide our recruiters helps them progress and boost their job confidence.

Margaret was brilliant; a breath of fresh air in the corporate world and her fabulous wit and delivery method was welcomed by our whole team.

The ninety minutes went by in a flash and work books were filled with innovative, clever and most importantly simple, easy to remember tips. Here is what a couple of our guys had to say;

Penny Lilley said “I really wanted some help on keeping the client on the phone for as long as possible without any awkward silences or struggling with the right thing to say. Margaret has been great and just by tweaking a few key words and changing my current delivery methods I feel a lot more confident.”

Zoe Burns added; “I really struggle with the Gatekeeper and feel down heartened when they won’t put me through to the decision maker. Margaret has shown me that by changing my body language and using a couple of clever tricks that I can get through to the right person without any issues.”

I would love to share with you what we covered but we are far too busy making friends with strangers which is our new name for cold calling.

Any recruiters out there looking to work as part of a dynamic team within the Healthcare, Scientific or Health and Beauty industries can send their CV to If you can prove to us that you are hard working, dedicated and have a hunger to succeed then we can provide you with a brilliant package as well as the best training and in house support.